Royal Court Fashion

For 96 years, members of the Tournament of Roses® Royal Court have served as ambassadors to the Association and City of Pasadena. Balancing school, work and extracurricular activities, seven young women are selected each year to represent and serve the community – in style.

While today’s Royal Court receives a wardrobe courtesy of Macy’s and gowns from Tadashi Shoji, the first Rose Queen® and early Royal Court members sewed their own dresses, crafted headdresses and even assisted in building their float!

Reflecting their respective eras through the fashion of their times, Royal Courts have left lasting impressions on millions throughout the Pasadena area. Take a walk through history with these photos showcasing each Royal Court’s unique style.


1905 Rose Queen Hallie Woods

1905 Rose Queen Hallie Woods


Hallie Woods, the first Rose Queen in 1905, reflected the haute couture movement that was prevalent at the turn of the century. This movement featured an abundance of lace, tight collars and upswept hair.


1929 Rose Queen and Royal Court

1929 Royal Court


In the 20s, an era marked by the drop-waist “flapper” dress, sheer stockings and bobbed hair, the Royal Court was right in step with the fashions of the time.


1951 Rose Queen and Royal Court

1951 Royal Court


Wartime courts sported sleek, pared-back styles, while the 1950s brought prim and proper dresses, with tiny waists, lavish skirts and pin-curled hair.


1972 Royal Court

1972 Royal Court


The 70s brought mod-squad inspired fashions featuring bright colors and playful prints.


1989 Royal Court

1989 Royal Court


The 80s were filled with big shoulders and equally big hair (no open flames, please!). This was the decade of both the first Asian-American Rose Queen, Leslie Kawai in 1981, and the first African-American Rose Queen, Kristina Smith in 1985.


1993 Royal Court

1993 Royal Court


After years of form fitting gowns, the 90s styles were more relaxed with a minimal fit and professional style.


Regardless of the fashion trends of the era, Royal Court members continue to outshine their wardrobe with poise, personality and confidence making them outstanding representatives of the Tournament of Roses and exceptional role models.


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  1. My Father headed the first postwar Parade –1946. His Queen, Pat Auman,, and her Court wore their own clothes. the Tournament provided the Coronation gowns for the Royal Ball and New Year’s morning ride on the float down Colorado Street.

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