From the President: Visiting Our 2014 Marching Bands

Each year, it is a tradition for the Tournament President to visit the selected marching bands prior to the upcoming Rose Parade. The intent is to further emphasize just how special it is to be invited to Pasadena for New Year’s Day, and to help with fundraising for the travel and accommodations costs. Special events and media interviews are usually part of the visit to help raise awareness and motivate the local community to support the band in this milestone opportunity.

As of the end of April, I have already visited four of the 20 outstanding bands that will participate in the 2014 Rose Parade. I hope the visits have been beneficial to them; I think they were. They most certainly were beneficial to me. My wife Cindy and I have been treated like royalty as the representatives of an iconic event that people everywhere hold in such high esteem. We’ve been given the chance to learn so much about the dedicated students who will make the trip to Pasadena; the parents and other adults who nurture and encourage them to be their very best; the incredible schools that remain committed to music as part of the education experience; and the community members who rally together to help make the march down Colorado Boulevard a reality. Presenting a Tournament of Roses flag caps every visit, and I can tell you first hand, it is just as special to be the person giving it as it is for the school to receive it. Again and again, for everyone involved, “Dreams Come True.”

– Scott Jenkins

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